Some results of @TOME :

@TOME was used in many studies of screening. Some results are presented here.

Studies Description Related Link
LIPK_CYS (@tome v2.3) Leishmania kinases with cystein in binding site NO
BDB_PF00105_NR (@tome v2.2) Nuclear Receptors of Binding DataDase BindingDB
EDCdb Screening (@tome v2.2) This study was done with the virtual screening server EDMon V1.2. The goal was to analyze the docking of 613 endocines disruptors (EDCs DataBank) on a set of 18 nuclear receptors modeled by @TOME EDCs DataBank
BINDING_DB (@tome v2.2) Part of Binding DataDase BindingDB
NAV_THE_KINOME (@tome v2.2) Protein Kinase (Navigating the Kinome)